This is a page of the weapons available in Enforcer: Police Crime Action.

The player can choose from 5 different weapons when on duty (provided that the player has bought all 3 extra weapons at the weapon stores around Mountain Valley), and one weapon when off duty, being either the first gun, an XD-S 4 9mm Handgun, or the second one, a XD 5 Tactical Model, both manufactered by Springfield Armory.

The first available weapon is a semi-automatic pistol probably based on an XD-S 4 9mm Handgun.

The second pistol can be bought at any time at a gun store in Mountain Valley. This gun is based on the XD® 5" Tactical Model manufactered by Springfield Armory.

When on duty, you will also have a taser available. It is currently unknown what model of taser the game uses. The taser has a short range, and cannot kill people. It is often used against unarmed enemies, who do not form an immediate danger to themselves or others.

When on duty, you will have an automatic rifle available too. The first one is an MP5. It has a high rate of fire, and high damage. It is unknown what the two other automatic guns are.

XDS9409B 1200x782

The first gun, unlocked when you start a new game.

XDM93845CSHC 1200x782

The second gun.

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